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Legal Process – Written Discovery

Simply put, these are a series of written questions that must be answered under oath, i.e. the person answering must swear that they are correct or be guilty of perjury.   In legal terms, these are called “interrogatories.”  There are also requests for documents related to the case, “requests to produce.”
For auto accidents and medical [...]

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Legal Process – Service

What can be a time consuming aspect of filing a lawsuit is Service of Process.  The rules for this are here.
Basically, you must arrange to have a copy of the lawsuit delivered, by hand, to the defendants.  This means that it must be physically handed to the defendant, or someone in their household over the [...]

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Litigation Process – The Complaint

The “Complaint” is the formal beginning of a lawsuit.  It lists the ways we suspect the Defendant (the person who caused the accident) acted or didn’t act to cause the accident.  Lawyers often like to include impressive phrases like “Hereinafter” and “at the time and place aforesaid…”  However, the complaint should be in plain English [...]

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